domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

Música: One chocolate box and a e-mail

 Pale face and put in your chest only a hopeless
 He rider in the sky with
 Ale face and beer cup in your left hand
 In right
 The heart her
#He was the great boy
#The funny guy
#The rich and sucess man
 And me
 I'm pig, poor, and a less
 Your smile make me glad
 You left me
 I'm fool, this true
 But, I don't have a "white horse", one toy
 And pale,
 I don't maked your face colored
#He was the great boy
#The funny guy
#The rich an sucess man
 I was fool
 I was dunce
 I took your hope for garbage
 But, I'm here
 And you too
 So, what thou do tonight?
#He was the great boy
#I'm  fool guy
#He was the rich and sucess man
#But, I'm here
 So, you came in to me
 Or, eat a chocolate?
 What you do?

 (combina com Raining Again -Moby o/ )

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